“Believe nothing, no matter where you have read it, or who may have said it to you… unless it agrees with your own reasoning and your own common sense.”

Aim. To.Obtain.Miracles. Anonymously

Adam Fisher, also known as, ATOM Anonymity is a director and writer with concentration in Art House Cinema, Genre-Specific Cinema, and Character-Driven pieces fueled by an unorthodox method of story-telling, distinctive use of color and sound. His mix of synth, drones, and bassy underscores, beneath a light melody often sets the tempo, which breathes life into his characters. ATOM Anonymity is an award winning director with a vision comparable to Quentin Tarantino, Stanley Kubrick, & Rob Zombie. A raw talent, diagnosed with mental illnesses such as PTSD, Manic Bi-Polar and Manic Depression, his unique style edge cannot be imitated nor duplicated. Anonymity is known for his short films such as, The Starving Artist, Jack Herrier… The Plant… The Myth… The Legend, and Yo Mato Por Nada.

Anonymity has worked with many names in the business stemming from, Dquan Cage, KDInDaCut, the multi-talented Monét Lerner, C2Es, FannyB00, and Dennis Bishop(Fomer VP of HBO), just to name a few. Hardwork, determination, and the ability to never quit and see all projects through completion has been the lasting impression of Atom Anonymity.